Sir Rod & The Blues Doctors Bio:

“Fun, Blues, Dancing, and More”:  that’s the motto of Sir Rod & the Blues Doctors, a soulful, funky, Deep South trio bound by a family connection to the late Sterling “Mr. Satan” Magee.  Featuring Magee’s nephew Roderick “Sir Rod” Patterson on lead vocals and dance moves, world-renowned harmonica ace Adam Gussow (and Magee’s longtime partner) on amplified harp and percussion, and Mississippi veteran Alan Gross on electric guitar, Sir Rod & The Blues Doctors offer a powerful mix of down-home blues, old-school soul, and uptown funk.  From “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” to “What’d I Say,” from “Mustang Sally” and “Hot Tamale Baby” to “Little Red Rooster” and “I Feel Good,” we’ve got you covered!  SRBD’s originals swing, too, with a Satan & Adam twist: “Sanctified Blues,” “The Perfect Crime,” “Seventh Avenue,” and the jam-band anthem, “Come Together,” a plea for unity across the lines that divide us.