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Rod Patterson


Sir Rod Patterson

There is no man more fitting of the description “A Man On A Mission” than Roderick Patterson, aka Sir Rod. His positive outlook has awarded him tremendous success for many years. As a resident of Atlanta, GA, he has founded several organizations, such as the Sounds of Knowledge, a school-touring company, that visits k-12 schools, delivering positive messages to students, through the medium of music. Previously, Sir Rod headed one of the country’s largest school assembly companies, Diversity Showcase Assemblies, where he spearheaded efforts that touched more than a million children across the nation. He is the former Creative Service Director for So-So Def Recordings. As an entertainer, artist, motivational speaker and 4 x author, he believes his life to be a positive example to others. Sir Rod, also founded Don’t Bully, Inc., which is a non-profit company that offers free anti-bullying and anti-drug educational assembly programs underserved schools.